Here’s to being a Queen!


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. She lived happily with her father, the king and her mother, the queen in an extravagant palace. She had everything a princess could dream of.

But, one day her greedy and cruel uncle killed both her parents and crowned himself the king. Now, the princess was not happy anymore. She was sad and her uncle was making her life miserable. Her kingdom was unhappy and miserable too. It made the princess sadder. She cried herself to sleep every night. What else she could possibly do?


Oh, yes! She remembered the stories her mother used to tell her. Those stories were also about a princess who got lost in a forest and a handsome and courageous prince came riding on a white horse and rescued her. Now, our little princess had hope. She was sure that her prince charming would also come and rescue her and her people from all their miseries.

She waited and waited. Just like that, many years passed. But, there was still no sign of a prince charming. Then, one night, when everyone was asleep, she sneaked out, got herself a white horse from the royal stable and rode away.


Well, for starters, she got tired of waiting.


She visited many different places. She went to the kings whom her father had helped while he was alive. She told everyone her tragic tale. She told them about the need for justice, not only for her but also for her people. With time, she was able to gather an army that was five times bigger and stronger than that of her uncle’s. Her uncle ultimately had to surrender and he was hanged for committing treason.

And the princess? Well, she was the sole rightful heir to the throne, so, she was crowned the queen. After years of misery and constant struggle, the princess, who was now the queen, and her kingdom lived happily ever after.


You people must be wondering about what happened to the prince? Maybe, he got lost in an enchanted forest or a witch kept him as a slave. Chances are he is probably running late. Who can possibly know?


Since the queen is done with her quest for justice, she can go on another quest. Maybe she will get another shot at a totally new happily ever after!


Life can be cruel and unjust. But, it is your story and, in it, you are the heroine. Be the queen you were always meant to be.


Happy women’s day, ladies.


With love ❤


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I have heard the statement “just be yourself” so many times. I have been doing the same. What about you people?

But sometimes I just wonder, is it okay to be yourself or people think that you are a jerk?
Being yourself means not to pretend or copy anyone, to be fearless of everything and everyone.


I believe people who pretend are scared of showing their originality. What’s wrong in being one’s true self?

I have found that it is very much possible to be yourself. The people who are jerk to others or are afraid of social situations, are actually not being themselves.


Our true self is who we really are without any fear. It is who we naturally are without the masks.

“Beauty begins the moment you try to be yourself”.
Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, magical person that you are.

With love


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We Love You.

We started this wonderful journey on 23rd December last year. And to be honest we have had our doubts cause we are two very impatient girls.

Happiness is you will complete two months this 23rd and, so far, all the doubts we had and still have, the pressure to come up with nice readable content, the impatience at not being an overnight success, it has all been bearable because of one thing.


We could not have done it without you.

Those beautiful and heart touching comments you leave, it literally makes our day. In just a few days our whole world seems to run around you.

When we feel low all we have to do is remember your kind words and remind ourselves that we are doing a good job and it is being appreciated as well. And voila! We feel good again.

We are incomplete without you and we want you to know this.


Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are the reason for our happiness and we are grateful to you.

We thank you for being a part of our journey, for your kind words, for sharing your time with us and most importantly for the love you’ve given us.

Thank you.

With love ❤

Shalu and Pallavi.


Girls, Valentine’s day is around the corner and you must be busy deciding what to wear on this special day so that you look your best. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired:

Red is the color of love❤. It’s the perfect color for this special day. It looks sexy and gorgeous. You can go for a long maxi dress which will look stunning or for a short sweet heart dress in deep red.


If you want a cute look then pink is your color. Again a pink maxi will do wonders.



White is the most soothing color and happens to be the it-color of this season. You can go for a white lace dress or a short skirt or a white maxi dress which is just perfect for a date.



Accessorize the above mentioned dresses with some bracelets in gold or silver, statement neck pieces, gorgeous earrings or just a nice classy watch. This will enhance your look and you will look fabulous. Don’t forget to team up your favorite pair of heels with these outfits.


Happy Valentine’s day people💘

With love ❤





Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Comparing

“She looks so much beautiful than me.”

“Her dress is prettier than mine!”

“I am basically nothing when compared to her.”

Sound familiar? Oh, we all do this. Some do it more than others. Like it’s in our DNA. We have to compare ourselves with that other girl. Every time. We just can’t resist.


There’s nothing wrong with comparison. We’re just praising the beauty around us, right?


It’s all sunshine and rainbows when you are admiring other beautiful works of nature but it wreaks havoc when you praise another person and at the same time bring yourself down because you are not as good as them. You start losing your peace of mind. Once this kind of negativity creeps in, no matter how small, it damages you from within.


There are two major things you got to keep in mind. First, you cannot be good at everything. If you are an all-rounder then congratulations honey you are truly gifted. And those of you who can barely sing, dance, paint, draw, quote Shakespeare and what not, just stop tormenting yourself. Seriously. Stop.


If your best friend is hell of a singer and you prefer the bathroom as your stage, then don’t worry. Perhaps, it’s not for you. All you have to do is find your own thing- that one thing you are amazing at.


Second, there is always going to be someone better than you. Okay, it’s harsh but it happens to be true.


If not anywhere near you but there’s always going to be this one person who’s smarter, taller and prettier than you or has a life much better than yours. You will have to make peace with this.


But there’s still one thing you can do. And that is to stop feeling bad about yourself. It does not matter how much better that other girl is. You are unique and to feel the same all it takes is to be your best possible version.


Go on praise and admire that other girl but this time don’t bring yourself down. Don’t let comparison or anything else steal away your joy. Ever.

With love ❤


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The most hurtful and disappointing thing is when your friends let you down. It’s the time  when you  feel that everything is going wrong. Those are the ones whom you trusted the most. You believed that no matter what happens they will never cheat you or cause any harm to you. They will never get jealous of you. They are the ones to whom you don’t need to give any explanations. You can do crazy stuff with them. They will never let you down.


But there are times when your friends do let you down. They cheat you, use you for their own benefit. There are a very few friends whom you can trust. There are times when they will not be so bothered about you, not reply any of your texts or calls.
Because of all this we people sometimes get paranoid that we are loosing our friends. We start noticing that they no longer have any time for us but they are hanging out  with others. This feeling makes us more annoyed. And although we may be justified in our anger or in our hurt, the truth is that there have probably been plenty of times when we’ve been the ones to let our friends down. We’ve been the ones who said something careless.



It means forgiving when necessary, looking for the good instead of the bad, and treating them the way we’d like to be treated, the way we’ve already been treated.

With love


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Winter Care



Arrival of winters means change in your skin routine or you have to face dry and dull skin. Fret not. Here are some things you can do for healthy, smooth and glowing skin this winter and many more winters to come!

  • Apply humectants like glycerin, almond oil or coconut oil on skin.
  • Cover skin after applying a moisturizer.
  • Never use hot water to bathe in.
  • Add a few drops of almond oil or glycerin to your last rinse just before toweling.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Eat fruits with high water content such as apples, pomegranates and oranges.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Flaxseeds moisturize body from inside. Include them in your diet.
  • Use aqueous or oil based bath gels.
  • Take 15 drops each of avocado oil and apricot oil and mix with 10 drops of glycerin. Massage with fingers for 15 minutes, then lightly clean face with a warm cloth.
  • Warm pads on eyes will reduce puffiness.
  • Rub fresh tomato puree or juice on your face and wash.
  • A five minute massage with almond and vitamin E oil or cream alleviates redness and leaves the skin soft.



Want silky, soft and shiny hair even in winters? Then read on!

  • Ensure a protein rich diet with nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamin B.
  • Eat walnuts and almonds.
  • Lightly massage the scalp at least twice a week with castor, olive or coconut oil. The oil should be kept on scalp for 3=4 hours or overnight.
  • Use shampoo that contains vitamin E and natural ingredients.
  • Use an intense hydrating conditioner.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • Avoid too much color or heat.
  • Shield your hair with a hat, cap or a scarf.
  • Massage the scalp with coconut oil. Leave it on for half an hour beneath a hot towel and then wash it with a mild shampoo to reduce dandruff.
  • Avoid washing your hair more often than needed.



Goodbye dry, chapped lips.

  • Moisturize your lips on a regular basis to keep them soft and smooth.
  • Use good quality lip oil and apply it at regular intervals.
  • Also, eat a good diet to keep your lips healthy.
  • Always remove lipstick before sleeping.
  • Use olive oil or almond oil as they nourish the lips effectively.
  • Never bite dry skin off the surface of your lips. Instead try to soften them up by using up butter.
  • It is always good to exfoliate your lips with honey and sugar mixed together.
  • A good intake of vitamin B will nourish your lips and prevent cracking. Vitamin B can be found in foods such as green vegetables, eggs, cheese, brown rice etc.



  • To cure cracked heels, common in winters, apply a foot care cream with natural ingredients like honey and turmeric.
  • It is important to trim your toe nails.
  • To exfoliate your feet, add a few drops of shower gel in warm water and soak your feet in it. Next, scrub off the dead skin with a soft pumice stone. Pat your feet dry.
  • DIY pedicure: lather up warm water with shampoo and soak your feet. Rub with a pumice stone. Add rose water or aromatic oils to fresh water, wash and moisturize.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize.
  • Use a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water at night to wake up with soft feet.

With love ❤


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Screenshot_2016-01-26-14-58-47-1Have you ever felt lost or alone? Why do people have to feel this way? What’s the point of this all? Millions of people in this world craving  for connections or for specific experiences, yet isolating themselves from everything. Some of us fighting with the exact circumstances. No mattter how pathetic you feel about the situation, you are not alone in that situation. It is your mind telling you lies that you are alone but many people can relate to you.


The seemingly useless happening adds to something. The evening you spent enjoying with your friend,the nights you spent reading novels or magazines or thinking whether you are good or not.
Honestly, life is too short to spend at war with yourself. The biggest disappointments in life are the unnecessary expectations we make . Letting go to these needless expectations is a step to happiness. All of us do feel lonely at some point of time in life but it doesn’t mean that we are alone struggling  with it.


You cannot find peace by avoidng life. You have to accept the changes or challenges to grow which either end up giving you what you want or teach you what the next step is. So don’t feel you are lonely because you are not alone,  have faith and accept the changes.

Till then try to stay happy because HAPPINESS IS YOU😊

With love,


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You are ENOUGH

Does it not hurt when someone calls you ugly or says that you are not good enough? Even though these are just words but they are rather painful.

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Whether you are in school, college, working or a mother of two, you can find such people everywhere who think that it’s their responsibility to constantly bring you down. They will do everything in their power to make you feel bad about yourself. You will try to ignore them and put a brave face forward. But, when you hear it enough times, there comes a weak moment and in this moment of weakness you actually start believing all of those hurtful and mean things. You begin to question yourself, “what if it’s true?”  “Maybe it’s me.” “I think I’m not good enough.”


Well, you are not good enough and you will never be for certain people. They will always manage to find flaws in you.

You are either too dark or too pale. You are too fat or too skinny. You get asked to eat a salad or offered a sandwich accordingly. You are a tomboy or too girly. You are a flirt or too shy. You are a slut or a prude. You are too nice or you are a bitch. What is a girl supposed to do then? What is she supposed to be? Lock herself in a box and just die there when time comes? Believe me, people will criticize that too cause they are never satisfied with whatever you do or whoever you try to be.


Then what?

You have two choices. Believe what people say about you or believe in yourself. Haven’t you heard that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? You are beautiful and if anyone says otherwise then the problem lies within their eyes.



Yes, you are beautiful and yes, you are enough. Set up alarms if you have to or make flyers and stick them everywhere in your house. If this is what it’s going to take then so be it.


When you doubt yourself it gives others a chance to doubt you. You are already hurting deep inside and when someone else having nothing else to do points out your so called flaws, it hurts even more. And we don’t want that. YOU don’t want that.

This is not just about being strong. This is about believing in yourself because when you do, no one can bring you down no matter how hard they try.

Don’t feed lies to yourself. You are beautiful and you are enough. Period.


So the next time when someone says otherwise, then keep your head high, look that person in the eye and smile. Now this smile will be really powerful because it will be full of belief- a belief in yourself that you are enough.


With love ❤


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Say goodbye to belly fat

No one likes having that extra flab around their midsection. It is easy to build unwanted fat around your waistline. But you can shed it easily by doing some simple exercises for just 15 minutes daily.



Crunches are very effective in reducing that extra fat from your belly and making it slimmer.



A variation of simple crunches, bicycle crunches help in reducing belly fat from lower abdomen.



Cycling is also very effective in reducing not just fat from your belly but your entire body.



A brisk walk acts as a good warm up and is the best way of reducing fat from your entire body.

Do 10 sets each of crunches and bicycle crunches. You can also add running along with your brisk walk for added benefits.

You’ll be able to shed that extra fat from your belly but it’ll take time. So don’t lose hope and don’t give up just after a few workouts.

Good luck and stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love ❤


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