#Fashion Get party ready

What to wear for new year’s party is a real problem for us girls. But don’t you worry cause we’re here to help you get party ready with the latest trends!


  1. Go Shimmer!

Shimmer is really in and the best choice for new year’s party. It looks oh so gorgeous ❤


image taken from pinterest


image taken from pinterest

2. Classic LBD

The good old LBD never goes out of fashion and can never go wrong for a party. It has always been the go to choice for a party. It’s simple, elegant and yet so sexy!


image taken from pinterest

images (1)

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image taken from pinterest

3. Wear a skirt

Not just any skirt! Pair up a monochrome sweater (Baby, it’s cold outside 🙂 ) with a bright colored skirt that ends below the knee. Add in a statement belt or jewelry.


image taken from the chicfeed app


image taken from the chicfeed app


image taken from the chicfeed app

4. Add sequins

Wear a sequinned top with a black pencil skirt. Let your top be the focus of your look by keeping the make up and accessories to a minimal.


image taken from cosmopolitan.com

5. Go pants!

Dress and skirt don’t appeal to you? Worry not! we bring you some options with pants and equal oomph.

Pair your favorite black top with golden shimmery bottoms and statement pieces for an edgy look.


image taken from the chicfeed app

Black and golden shimmer always go hand in hand.


image taken from the chicfeed app

Or go complete black and throw on a complimenting scarf with red lips ❤


image taken from the chicfeed app


  1. Go for a braided look like Emma Stone

image taken from pinterest

2. Side-swept wonder


image taken from pinterest

3. Easy chignon


image from pinterest

4. The braided head-band


image from pinterest


  1. Look like a goddess with metallic eye shadow and red lips.

image from cosmopolitan.com

2.Go for smoky eyes with pink lips like Selena.


image from cosmopolitan.com

3. Or you go for the nude route.


image from cosmopolitan.com

4. Let your pout do all the talking with a pop hue.


image from cosmopolitan.com


Let your accessories talk 🙂


image from popxo.com


image from popxo.com


image from the chicfeed app


image from the chicfeed app

You are party ready now! 🙂 Have a blast.


With love,

Pallavi & Shalu ❤

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#BeautyTalk Trends for 2016

2015 has come to an end. Yay!

We believe in being prepared all the time and we’re definitely prepared to welcome 2016 with great enthusiasm 🙂

Before that, let’s talk about the beauty trends that were big in 2015 and are gonna rule 2016 as well with a certain amount of twist! Here goes our list:

  1. Smoky eyes: Sexy smoky eyes are not going anywhere. Neither are cat eyes but they are going to be subtle than this year.


    image taken from brunchatsaks.blogspot.co.id

  2. Bold Lips: Classic shades like crimson, pinks, deep burgundies and gorgeous nudes will rule 2016 as well.


    image taken from styloko.com

  3. Normally Lined lips: Say goodbye to the unrealistic pout #goals and say hello to normally, perfectly lined lips. 2016 is all about embracing what you’ve got and we are loving it already 🙂


    image taken from dailymail.co.uk

  4. Gorgeous natural glow: A healthy glow that gives your skin a subtle sheen. Nothing OTT.


    image taken from hercampus.com

  5. Subtle contouring: Forget clown contouring and embrace the subtle one. Choose one area to accentuate from your cheekbones, bridge of your nose or forehead.


    image taken from lastnightmakeup.wordpress.com

  6. Pink cheeks: A subtle dash of pink on your cheeks! how can it ever go out of fashion?

    Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 RTW

    A model backstage at Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2011 runway show.

  7. Chic, short hair: The short hair fever is gripping one celebrity at a time and is not showing any intention of slowing down.dd5fa6249c800a20a63ca7ea7153445c

Braids, twists and ponytails: Go experimenting with different types of braids and twists.gallery-1437764762-sev060115btywell003-braid-hair-summer.jpg

Have fun trying these beauty trends. Till then stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love,

Shalu ❤

DISCLAIMER: None of the images in this post are owned by us.


#LifeHacks Pack like a pro for your next vacation

The idea of vacation fills our hearts with joy. But this joy brings with it the greatest worry of all – WHAT TO PACK?

We’ve come up with a list of the items that you should definitely pack no matter where you are heading. Enjoy!

  1. Red Lipstick: A holiday is incomplete without a dash of red.


    featured here is MAC Ruby Woo

  2. Scarf: You need a scarf that doubles up as a blanket so that you don’t have to use the ones that are offered in a flight.49d745eebc7444324f53bc44f16409e3.jpg
  3. Camera: How else are you gonna capture all those fun moments?220px-Nikon_F_SLR_camera_with_NIKKOR-S_Auto_1%2C4_f%3D5%2C8cm
  4. Tote: A tote bag that can be filled with all the necessary things you need on the go.large_tote_6_31108887-55b5-40f9-b353-f56a77d2c25c_large
  5. Flats: Heels make us feel sexy but they can’t beat the good old flats. Pack your favorite pair right now!tie-flat-400x400
  6. Sunscreen: Do we really need to tell you this?
  7. Comfortable Pants: A pair of comfortable lounge pants because comfort on a vacation is truly essential.Screenshot_2015-12-30-08-40-46-1

8. Headphones: What is a vacation without a good quality headphones that also cancel out the noise.Screenshot_2015-12-30-08-38-39-1

9. Sunglasses: Your favorite pair to protect your eyes and to up the glam quotient.rayban-1024x682Have fun on your vacation!

With love,

Shalu ❤

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#tresstalk Hairstyle that made headlines in 2015

It is said that when a girl cuts off her hair she’s about to change her life. 2015 was ruled by the BOB of all kinds. Many A-list celebrities cut off their long tresses for the much favored short do. Here’s a list of the ones we loved. Hope you get some inspiration 🙂

  1. Jennifer Lawrence: J-Law definitely knows how to rock short hair. We loved her pixie. We love her bob even more 🙂


2. Sarah Hyland : The Modern Family star cut off her lust worthy long tresses for a chic chin-length bob.


3. Nargis Fakhri : She looks absolutely lovely in her new short crop.


4. Beyonce : Queen Bey looks ravishing in her chic sexy bob.


5. Anoushka Sharma : Her long bob is like a breath of fresh air, making her look more beautiful.


6. Priyanka Chopra : PC took the hair game a notch up with her asymmetric long bob ❤


7. Taylor Swift : A list about short hair is incomplete without T-Swift ❤ There were speculations that she went short to get rid of years of hair damage, but who cares? We love her even more in this bob with side swept bangs.


8. Sonakshi Sinha : Our very own desi diva Sonakshi too went for a short chic bob that flatters her face even more.Screen-Shot-2014-10-30-at-3.04

This concludes our list but there are many more bobs to inspire you. So, take a chance and go short like these divas!

Till then, stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love,

Shalu ❤

Disclaimer: All the images in this post are taken from google. None of these are owned by us.

tis the season to be jolly


“It is a miracle if you can find true friends, and it is a miracle if you have enough to eat, and it is a miracle if you get to spend your days and evenings doing whatever it is you like to do, and the holiday season- like all the other seasons – is a good time not only to tell stories of miracles, but to think about the miracles in your own life, and to be grateful for them.”

-Lemony Snicket, The Lump of Coal

This Christmas be grateful for the true treasures of your life…

have a merry Christmas everyone 🙂

With love,

Shalu & Palllavi ❤

Exercise even if you have 15 minutes to do it

A short gym routine is better than nothing if you are really strapped for time or just plain exhausted. If you don’t have time to get to your gym but have 15 minutes before going to shower, do jumping jacks. You will feel better especially if you spent  your day sitting at a computer. You don’t need an hour to loose weight but just 15 minutes in your daily routine. Most of you spend time sitting idle when actually you can use this time, these 15 minutes to stay fit.

Woman push-ups on the floor at the gym

image by thinkstock

In 15 minutes you can easily do a full body workout. You can go for a few exercises daily that can help you loose weight. Some of these are:

  1. Jumping jacks: These get your heart racing within seconds and fill you up with energy.
  2. Crunches: A great way to work on your abs.
  3. Squats: They work wonders for your thighs.
  4. Rope jumping: A good form of cardio which lengthens and strengthens your muscles.
  5. Cycling: There’s no exercise that is better than cycling if you want to get rid of those extra kilos quickly and efficiently.
  6. Push ups: A proven way to tone your arms.
  7. Sit ups

Not only these exercises but few changes in your routine can help you stay fit. You can go for walking. Walking alone can help you loose weight. 15 minutes walk and you can end up loosing extra calories. People take lifts and escalators but if you want to loose weight you should always opt for stairs. A little change can make a big difference.

Go people start taking these small steps in your daily routine if you want to loose weight and look good. Take the initiative for yourself.

Stay fit and remain happy because happiness is you!!!!

With love,

Pallavi ❤

Hello! It’s us.

Dear readers,Screenshot_2015-12-09-13-27-42-1

We are beyond happy to be able to do something that matters to us and soon with your support it’ll matter to a lot of people. Our blog is dedicated to you because we believe that happiness is you! We believe that happiness is an inside job.  Even when the circumstances leave us shattered, it’s in our hands to not give in and stand up for ourselves.

And what is our role?

We help you find your inner happiness. Looking good is not everything. We should be able to feel good as well, that warm fuzzy feeling of being content. We help you achieve both i.e. we help you look and feel good.

Mahatma Gandhi once said,”Be the change you want to see”. We sorta kinda follow that. We want to see change and not just any change but change in how we girls live our life, change in how we treat ourselves and change in how the world treats us.

We all are different and being different means being unique. We help you to embrace that. We help you embrace who you really are.

So stay real and stay happy cos’ Happiness is you!

With love,

Shalu and Pallavi ❤