Screenshot_2016-01-26-14-58-47-1Have you ever felt lost or alone? Why do people have to feel this way? What’s the point of this all? Millions of people in this world craving  for connections or for specific experiences, yet isolating themselves from everything. Some of us fighting with the exact circumstances. No mattter how pathetic you feel about the situation, you are not alone in that situation. It is your mind telling you lies that you are alone but many people can relate to you.


The seemingly useless happening adds to something. The evening you spent enjoying with your friend,the nights you spent reading novels or magazines or thinking whether you are good or not.
Honestly, life is too short to spend at war with yourself. The biggest disappointments in life are the unnecessary expectations we make . Letting go to these needless expectations is a step to happiness. All of us do feel lonely at some point of time in life but it doesn’t mean that we are alone struggling  with it.


You cannot find peace by avoidng life. You have to accept the changes or challenges to grow which either end up giving you what you want or teach you what the next step is. So don’t feel you are lonely because you are not alone,  have faith and accept the changes.

Till then try to stay happy because HAPPINESS IS YOU😊

With love,


DISCLAIMER : All the pictures in this post are taken from pinterest.


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