Winter Care



Arrival of winters means change in your skin routine or you have to face dry and dull skin. Fret not. Here are some things you can do for healthy, smooth and glowing skin this winter and many more winters to come!

  • Apply humectants like glycerin, almond oil or coconut oil on skin.
  • Cover skin after applying a moisturizer.
  • Never use hot water to bathe in.
  • Add a few drops of almond oil or glycerin to your last rinse just before toweling.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Eat fruits with high water content such as apples, pomegranates and oranges.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Flaxseeds moisturize body from inside. Include them in your diet.
  • Use aqueous or oil based bath gels.
  • Take 15 drops each of avocado oil and apricot oil and mix with 10 drops of glycerin. Massage with fingers for 15 minutes, then lightly clean face with a warm cloth.
  • Warm pads on eyes will reduce puffiness.
  • Rub fresh tomato puree or juice on your face and wash.
  • A five minute massage with almond and vitamin E oil or cream alleviates redness and leaves the skin soft.



Want silky, soft and shiny hair even in winters? Then read on!

  • Ensure a protein rich diet with nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamin B.
  • Eat walnuts and almonds.
  • Lightly massage the scalp at least twice a week with castor, olive or coconut oil. The oil should be kept on scalp for 3=4 hours or overnight.
  • Use shampoo that contains vitamin E and natural ingredients.
  • Use an intense hydrating conditioner.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • Avoid too much color or heat.
  • Shield your hair with a hat, cap or a scarf.
  • Massage the scalp with coconut oil. Leave it on for half an hour beneath a hot towel and then wash it with a mild shampoo to reduce dandruff.
  • Avoid washing your hair more often than needed.



Goodbye dry, chapped lips.

  • Moisturize your lips on a regular basis to keep them soft and smooth.
  • Use good quality lip oil and apply it at regular intervals.
  • Also, eat a good diet to keep your lips healthy.
  • Always remove lipstick before sleeping.
  • Use olive oil or almond oil as they nourish the lips effectively.
  • Never bite dry skin off the surface of your lips. Instead try to soften them up by using up butter.
  • It is always good to exfoliate your lips with honey and sugar mixed together.
  • A good intake of vitamin B will nourish your lips and prevent cracking. Vitamin B can be found in foods such as green vegetables, eggs, cheese, brown rice etc.



  • To cure cracked heels, common in winters, apply a foot care cream with natural ingredients like honey and turmeric.
  • It is important to trim your toe nails.
  • To exfoliate your feet, add a few drops of shower gel in warm water and soak your feet in it. Next, scrub off the dead skin with a soft pumice stone. Pat your feet dry.
  • DIY pedicure: lather up warm water with shampoo and soak your feet. Rub with a pumice stone. Add rose water or aromatic oils to fresh water, wash and moisturize.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize.
  • Use a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water at night to wake up with soft feet.

With love ❤


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It’s the year of the BOB

2015 was ruled by the BOB. The short hair fever gripped one celebrity at a time and it’s still going on strong. We bring to you different kinds of bob to help you up your hair game. So, are you ready?











Go cut your mane short!

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They are dreamy, delicate, easy to do and are always perfect for every occasion. Braids have been attracting a lot of attention on the runways and red carpets. Here is to give your hair a makeover without having the need to chop them off.




  • Apply hair serum and detangle hair. Now, create a pouf in the centre of your head using a tail comb. Tease your hair to add volume to the pouf.
  • Now, from the end of the pouf, weave the hair into a twisted messy braid by dividing your hair into two parts while twisting both sections. Tuck it with a bobby pin near the nape.
  • Tease the end of the braid with a tail comb for the messy look.
  • Tie the ends with a rubber -band.




  • Blow dry your hair to make it easier to style.
  • Take about 2-inch section of your hair from the front left side.
  • Tie the rest of the hair in a neat ponytail.
  • Now start braiding the section on your left.
  • Braid it till the end of the hair strands.
  • Now take the braid over your head to the right side.
  • Secure the braid with bobby pins. Add a cute hair accessory such as a jewelled clip.



  • Divide your hair in two-sections.
  • Now take thin strand from left section and take to other side.
  • Tuck the strand into the right section.
  • Keep taking small sections and keep making braid in the same way.
  • After you finish making the braid, secure with a hair tie.
  • Avoid using hair spray to retain the messy look.

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Aloe Vera, the magical plant

Aloe vera is a plant with major medicinal properties. It is very effective when it comes to treating and protecting skin.


Image by thinkstock


Aloe vera is very effective for treating skin ailments. It makes your skin smooth and soft. It visibly reduces dark spots, pimples and tanning. It also soothes the skin in case of sunburn. It gives you a glowing skin with regular use. Aloe vera also acts as an excellent toner and moisturizer.


Aloe vera gel rejuvenates hair with its nutrients, giving it more elasticity and thus, preventing hair breakage. It smoothens and softens frizzy hair and reduces dandruff. It works as an excellent conditioner.

All these benefits come with regular  use of aloe vera.


Aloe vera gel can be extracted from the plant and directly applied to your skin. Alternatively, there are plenty of ready-to-use aloe gels available in the market. If opting for the market-version of aloe gel make sure that the gel you’re buying contains 90% – 100% of aloe. Apply it regularly and wash it only after 20 minutes of application to see effective results. The only precaution to be taken with aloe is that you should not go out in the sun after applying it. Then, it can cause some serious tanning.

These are all tried and tested remedies. They really work. The effect may come out to be different as you all have different kind of skin. So, relax and follow these remedies regularly to see the wonders that aloe vera can do to your skin and hair.

Do not forget to tell us how aloe vera helped you!

With love,

Pallavi ❤


#BeautyTalk Trends for 2016

2015 has come to an end. Yay!

We believe in being prepared all the time and we’re definitely prepared to welcome 2016 with great enthusiasm 🙂

Before that, let’s talk about the beauty trends that were big in 2015 and are gonna rule 2016 as well with a certain amount of twist! Here goes our list:

  1. Smoky eyes: Sexy smoky eyes are not going anywhere. Neither are cat eyes but they are going to be subtle than this year.


    image taken from

  2. Bold Lips: Classic shades like crimson, pinks, deep burgundies and gorgeous nudes will rule 2016 as well.


    image taken from

  3. Normally Lined lips: Say goodbye to the unrealistic pout #goals and say hello to normally, perfectly lined lips. 2016 is all about embracing what you’ve got and we are loving it already 🙂


    image taken from

  4. Gorgeous natural glow: A healthy glow that gives your skin a subtle sheen. Nothing OTT.


    image taken from

  5. Subtle contouring: Forget clown contouring and embrace the subtle one. Choose one area to accentuate from your cheekbones, bridge of your nose or forehead.


    image taken from

  6. Pink cheeks: A subtle dash of pink on your cheeks! how can it ever go out of fashion?

    Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 RTW

    A model backstage at Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2011 runway show.

  7. Chic, short hair: The short hair fever is gripping one celebrity at a time and is not showing any intention of slowing down.dd5fa6249c800a20a63ca7ea7153445c

Braids, twists and ponytails: Go experimenting with different types of braids and

Have fun trying these beauty trends. Till then stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love,

Shalu ❤

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#tresstalk Hairstyle that made headlines in 2015

It is said that when a girl cuts off her hair she’s about to change her life. 2015 was ruled by the BOB of all kinds. Many A-list celebrities cut off their long tresses for the much favored short do. Here’s a list of the ones we loved. Hope you get some inspiration 🙂

  1. Jennifer Lawrence: J-Law definitely knows how to rock short hair. We loved her pixie. We love her bob even more 🙂


2. Sarah Hyland : The Modern Family star cut off her lust worthy long tresses for a chic chin-length bob.


3. Nargis Fakhri : She looks absolutely lovely in her new short crop.


4. Beyonce : Queen Bey looks ravishing in her chic sexy bob.


5. Anoushka Sharma : Her long bob is like a breath of fresh air, making her look more beautiful.


6. Priyanka Chopra : PC took the hair game a notch up with her asymmetric long bob ❤


7. Taylor Swift : A list about short hair is incomplete without T-Swift ❤ There were speculations that she went short to get rid of years of hair damage, but who cares? We love her even more in this bob with side swept bangs.


8. Sonakshi Sinha : Our very own desi diva Sonakshi too went for a short chic bob that flatters her face even more.Screen-Shot-2014-10-30-at-3.04

This concludes our list but there are many more bobs to inspire you. So, take a chance and go short like these divas!

Till then, stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love,

Shalu ❤

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