Here’s to being a Queen!


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. She lived happily with her father, the king and her mother, the queen in an extravagant palace. She had everything a princess could dream of.

But, one day her greedy and cruel uncle killed both her parents and crowned himself the king. Now, the princess was not happy anymore. She was sad and her uncle was making her life miserable. Her kingdom was unhappy and miserable too. It made the princess sadder. She cried herself to sleep every night. What else she could possibly do?


Oh, yes! She remembered the stories her mother used to tell her. Those stories were also about a princess who got lost in a forest and a handsome and courageous prince came riding on a white horse and rescued her. Now, our little princess had hope. She was sure that her prince charming would also come and rescue her and her people from all their miseries.

She waited and waited. Just like that, many years passed. But, there was still no sign of a prince charming. Then, one night, when everyone was asleep, she sneaked out, got herself a white horse from the royal stable and rode away.


Well, for starters, she got tired of waiting.


She visited many different places. She went to the kings whom her father had helped while he was alive. She told everyone her tragic tale. She told them about the need for justice, not only for her but also for her people. With time, she was able to gather an army that was five times bigger and stronger than that of her uncle’s. Her uncle ultimately had to surrender and he was hanged for committing treason.

And the princess? Well, she was the sole rightful heir to the throne, so, she was crowned the queen. After years of misery and constant struggle, the princess, who was now the queen, and her kingdom lived happily ever after.


You people must be wondering about what happened to the prince? Maybe, he got lost in an enchanted forest or a witch kept him as a slave. Chances are he is probably running late. Who can possibly know?


Since the queen is done with her quest for justice, she can go on another quest. Maybe she will get another shot at a totally new happily ever after!


Life can be cruel and unjust. But, it is your story and, in it, you are the heroine. Be the queen you were always meant to be.


Happy women’s day, ladies.


With love ❤


GIFs: giphy, tumblr


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