Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Comparing

“She looks so much beautiful than me.”

“Her dress is prettier than mine!”

“I am basically nothing when compared to her.”

Sound familiar? Oh, we all do this. Some do it more than others. Like it’s in our DNA. We have to compare ourselves with that other girl. Every time. We just can’t resist.


There’s nothing wrong with comparison. We’re just praising the beauty around us, right?


It’s all sunshine and rainbows when you are admiring other beautiful works of nature but it wreaks havoc when you praise another person and at the same time bring yourself down because you are not as good as them. You start losing your peace of mind. Once this kind of negativity creeps in, no matter how small, it damages you from within.


There are two major things you got to keep in mind. First, you cannot be good at everything. If you are an all-rounder then congratulations honey you are truly gifted. And those of you who can barely sing, dance, paint, draw, quote Shakespeare and what not, just stop tormenting yourself. Seriously. Stop.


If your best friend is hell of a singer and you prefer the bathroom as your stage, then don’t worry. Perhaps, it’s not for you. All you have to do is find your own thing- that one thing you are amazing at.


Second, there is always going to be someone better than you. Okay, it’s harsh but it happens to be true.


If not anywhere near you but there’s always going to be this one person who’s smarter, taller and prettier than you or has a life much better than yours. You will have to make peace with this.


But there’s still one thing you can do. And that is to stop feeling bad about yourself. It does not matter how much better that other girl is. You are unique and to feel the same all it takes is to be your best possible version.


Go on praise and admire that other girl but this time don’t bring yourself down. Don’t let comparison or anything else steal away your joy. Ever.

With love ❤


DISCLAIMER: None of the images and gifs used in this post is owned by us.

Images: Tumblr

Gifs: Giphy, Tumblr.


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