#LifeHacks Thoughts you need to say Goodbye to

For significant self improvement, you need to say goodbye to these thoughts.


When you talk to yourself,  what do you say? Do you motivate yourself with kind, empowering words like you do when you speak to your loved ones, or are they more negative? Many people attack themselves on a daily basis in their own minds, which can ruin their self confidence. Check out these thoughts that you need to say goodbye to so that you can focus on self improvement.

  • “It’s too late to do anything about it now .”

Whether you are 16 or 60, you can always change and improve. Often inner peace and strength are gained through a lifetime of learning,  and these skills can completely change your outlook on life. Remember that you are a work in progress.


  • “None of this is my fault, it’s their fault. “

It is very easy to blame others for everything,  because you don’t have to do anything yourself. If you don’t change or improve, so more than anything,  you won’t grow. Accept responsibility for your mistakes so that you can improve your life and find happiness.


  • ” I wish today was over”.

Sometimes you will do something that feels like a waste of time, but later turns out to be one of the best decisions you ever made . Do not wish your days away- you never know when the next amazing thing will happen. So throw yourself into experiencing  and enjoying every day.



  • “I want to be comfortable- being uncomfortable is scary”.

Outside of the comfort zone is where great things happen. Say goodbye to this thought by taking risks and putting yourself out there will help you reach your full potential and to grow as a person.



  • “I have lost too much to continue”.

One perspective; I have lost everything and it is awful.  Another perspective;  now I have nothing, I am truly free to try anything without the chance of losing everything.  Life is all about mind set. If you choose to be fearful your choices will be limited. Say goodbye to this thought by choosing to be strong and brave,opening up endless possibilities.


Good luck!!


With love ❤



DISCLAIMER: All the images used in this post are taken from pinterest. Gifs are taken from tumblr, giphy. None of these are owned by us.



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