They are dreamy, delicate, easy to do and are always perfect for every occasion. Braids have been attracting a lot of attention on the runways and red carpets. Here is to give your hair a makeover without having the need to chop them off.




  • Apply hair serum and detangle hair. Now, create a pouf in the centre of your head using a tail comb. Tease your hair to add volume to the pouf.
  • Now, from the end of the pouf, weave the hair into a twisted messy braid by dividing your hair into two parts while twisting both sections. Tuck it with a bobby pin near the nape.
  • Tease the end of the braid with a tail comb for the messy look.
  • Tie the ends with a rubber -band.




  • Blow dry your hair to make it easier to style.
  • Take about 2-inch section of your hair from the front left side.
  • Tie the rest of the hair in a neat ponytail.
  • Now start braiding the section on your left.
  • Braid it till the end of the hair strands.
  • Now take the braid over your head to the right side.
  • Secure the braid with bobby pins. Add a cute hair accessory such as a jewelled clip.



  • Divide your hair in two-sections.
  • Now take thin strand from left section and take to other side.
  • Tuck the strand into the right section.
  • Keep taking small sections and keep making braid in the same way.
  • After you finish making the braid, secure with a hair tie.
  • Avoid using hair spray to retain the messy look.

With love ❤


DISCLAIMER: All pictures used in this post are taken from pinterest.


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