Winter Essentials

Every year when winter comes knocking at our door, we rush to shop for the latest trends of the season. Nevertheless, we should invest in some classics that always stay in fashion and come in handy when it starts getting chilly.

Following are some pieces picked by us which should definitely be a part of your winter wardrobe.

  1. Leather  Jackets

Leather jackets are a must have in your winter wardrobe. They are comfy, keep you warm in the chilly weather and are a great style statement, all at the same time. Leather jackets are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything.


image taken from pinterest

2.Woolen Jeggings

Another must-have in your winter wardrobe to keep you warm, comfy and stylish. Get a pair in black which can be teamed with your favorite sweater or poncho in any color. Black goes with everything.


image taken from pinterest


3. Boots

Boots in black and brown should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They are not only comfortable but also keep your legs warm and enhance your entire appearance making you look more stylish and put together.


Image taken from pinterest


image taken from pinterest

4. Trench Coats

They are a savior when it comes to keeping you stylish and warm.  They are sophisticated, classy and can be paired with dresses and sarees with ease. Going out in the night? Throw on a trench coat in camel color and you are set to rock the night.


image taken from pinterest

5. Scarfs and Beanies

They are little wonders, something you can’t do without. Ever. Color coordinate them or wear a pop colored one, totally your choice. Go experiment!


Image taken from pinterest


image taken from pinterest

Now, go and get winter ready! Don’t forget to stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU.

With love,

Pallavi ❤

DISCLAIMER: None of the images in this post are owned by us.


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