Healthy Living, because your body deserves it!

Why should we take care of our bodies? Well, first of all, because our bodies are the only place we  live in for our whole life. We may find a new house or new car to replace the old one,but we can’t replace our bodies. They are our temples and for once, let’s treat them with the utmost care that they deserve.



Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Never skip a meal or go on a special diet. Those fad diets only harm our bodies in the long run. Start your day with  a dash of lemon and honey added to lukewarm water. Drink lots  of water throughout the day. Reduce the intake of caffeine. Eat fresh fruits. Always prefer fruits rather than juices as fruits contain more fiber.


Always wash your face morning and night. Maintain a cleansing ritual to get glowing skin. Never sleep with your make up on. Apply sunscreen generously and yes, even on a cloudy day.

Stay active. If the idea of exercise doesn’t appeal to you, find an activity that you love. Go for trekking, play football, join a dance class and what not. Opt for a fun workout that makes you forget about working out. Make exercise a fun experience.


image taken from thinkstock

Sleep for at least eight hours.

When you eat well, sleep well and take care of your body; you elevate your life!


image by thinkstock

So, keep elevating your life and stay happy cos’HAPPINESS IS YOU.

With love,

Shalu ❤

DISCLAIMER: All the images used in this post are taken from google. None of these images are owned by us.



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