What’s a New Year without resolutions?


Come New year and we all get busy making our “New Year resolutions”. We even dutifully follow them for exactly two weeks and then we get back to what we normally do. But this year things are going to change as we bring you a list (yes, another list. We kinda love making lists 🙂 ) of realistic and achievable New Year resolutions.

Wait! There’s something more. We are not only giving you a list but we are promising to keep this resolutions throughout the year with you. So, are you ready?

1. Take care of yourself

Because YOU are important. Your body is important. take care of it. Stay active and eat healthy. You don’t have to rush to a gym or go on impossible sounding , ruthless diets.


2. Be Yourself

No matter what happens stay true to yourself. Be authentic. Be real. Embrace your true self with all your qualities and all your flaws.


3. You’re ENOUGH

Well, you’ll never be enough for some people. They will find faults no matter what you do. Just tell yourself that you’re enough whenever anybody tries to bring you down.


4. Stop comparing yourself with others

Everyone is different and being different is being unique. Be proud of your uniqueness.

5. Be Grateful

You must make it a habit. Be thankful for everything you’ve got and be grateful to those people who helped you to be where you’re today. A little thankfulness never hurt anyone.

6. Spend more time with your family

Because they love you for who you are and no matter what.

7. Treat other girls with respect

Stop girl on girl hate. Saying mean things about someone else isn’t going to make you a better person. If you want respect, give respect. It’s that easy.


When we call each other bitches and whores, it  gives an excuse to boys to call us the same. Now, we don’t want that, do we?


8. Say no to body shaming

Yours or someone else’s. Just stop. Period.

9. Try new activities

Read more books, paint, travel, go on that trip you always wanted to, learn a new language, join a dance class, anything. Just try something.

10. Dream Big

Because you deserve it.


Let’s promise to ourselves that we will keep these resolutions and urge others too.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you lovely beauties out there. Don’t forget to stay happy cos’ HAPPINESS IS YOU!

With love,

Shalu ❤

Disclaimer: All the images in this post are taken from google. None of these are owned by us.


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