#LifeHacks Pack like a pro for your next vacation

The idea of vacation fills our hearts with joy. But this joy brings with it the greatest worry of all – WHAT TO PACK?

We’ve come up with a list of the items that you should definitely pack no matter where you are heading. Enjoy!

  1. Red Lipstick: A holiday is incomplete without a dash of red.


    featured here is MAC Ruby Woo

  2. Scarf: You need a scarf that doubles up as a blanket so that you don’t have to use the ones that are offered in a flight.49d745eebc7444324f53bc44f16409e3.jpg
  3. Camera: How else are you gonna capture all those fun moments?220px-Nikon_F_SLR_camera_with_NIKKOR-S_Auto_1%2C4_f%3D5%2C8cm
  4. Tote: A tote bag that can be filled with all the necessary things you need on the go.large_tote_6_31108887-55b5-40f9-b353-f56a77d2c25c_large
  5. Flats: Heels make us feel sexy but they can’t beat the good old flats. Pack your favorite pair right now!tie-flat-400x400
  6. Sunscreen: Do we really need to tell you this?
  7. Comfortable Pants: A pair of comfortable lounge pants because comfort on a vacation is truly essential.Screenshot_2015-12-30-08-40-46-1

8. Headphones: What is a vacation without a good quality headphones that also cancel out the noise.Screenshot_2015-12-30-08-38-39-1

9. Sunglasses: Your favorite pair to protect your eyes and to up the glam quotient.rayban-1024x682Have fun on your vacation!

With love,

Shalu ❤

DISCLAIMER: None of the images in this post are owned by us. They all are taken from google.


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