Hello! It’s us.

Dear readers,Screenshot_2015-12-09-13-27-42-1

We are beyond happy to be able to do something that matters to us and soon with your support it’ll matter to a lot of people. Our blog is dedicated to you because we believe that happiness is you! We believe that happiness is an inside job.  Even when the circumstances leave us shattered, it’s in our hands to not give in and stand up for ourselves.

And what is our role?

We help you find your inner happiness. Looking good is not everything. We should be able to feel good as well, that warm fuzzy feeling of being content. We help you achieve both i.e. we help you look and feel good.

Mahatma Gandhi once said,”Be the change you want to see”. We sorta kinda follow that. We want to see change and not just any change but change in how we girls live our life, change in how we treat ourselves and change in how the world treats us.

We all are different and being different means being unique. We help you to embrace that. We help you embrace who you really are.

So stay real and stay happy cos’ Happiness is you!

With love,

Shalu and Pallavi ❤


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